Custom private Photoshoot
Starting at $150, our private photoshoots are designed to create the scene you desire.
50% non-refundable deposit to book

Headshot Pop-up Sessions
For groups + businesses, these Pop-ups are custom designed to get consistent or creative shots of everyone on your team. 20 minute slot for $30 each (5 person minimum). Each person must pay full amount in advance to book slot

Event Photography
Starting at $1000, your event will be photographed by me and an intern assistant. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, speaking engagements and more! 50% non-refundable deposit to book

Administrative Assistance + Web Content + Design
$25/hour - Hire me hourly, from my office or yours. I can help you + your business with the following:
Social Media Strategy, Marketing, Web Content, Web research, HR, Accounting, Business + Office Management, File Organization, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Customer Service... and so much more!

Call now to book me (480) 747-4094
              or click over to the scheduling page

Venmo: @alyssagarofolo