I am AlyssaI was born on a Full Moon, was an astronaut in utero and have looked to the moon (Luna) and the stars for guidance since I was born. Luna Mused has been my life's goal and vision for as long as I can remember. I always knew I would change and lift up my community through my love, vision and business savvy. Being born a humble servant of this life, planet earth and all  of humanity, I seek to assist those who desire to reach their fullest potential while sharing our unique gifts. I am a business-minded photographer, admin and visionary seeking to grow with you and your business.

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Luna Mused
Vision + Mission

Luna Mused endeavors…to visually and creatively document and exhibit the human qualities of integrity, dignity and beauty in the world so as to ignite the memory of our highest selves. Our goal is to rediscover internal and external human connection and promote the human consciousness through all forms of art, media; thought and word.  

Luna Mused believes…that art, dance and music is a powerful way to lift the veil and reveal the light that is reflected in each creature, connecting us to our center and to the universe, constantly reminding us of our true essence.

Luna Mused is inspired…when we’re reminded that not one of us is deprived of integrity, dignity and beauty and that each one of us is brought to this world, with purpose, a unique and distinct purpose; that every soul is wanted and belongs here, not in the past, not in the future, but now. 

Guiding our creative practice is the profound desire for undiscriminating love, which also serves as my challenge - the repeated work to witness, document and share the flourishing, unifying, transformative process towards our highest potential as a human race.

We will collaborate in making dreams come true!