I am Alyssa. Some call me Luna; some call me Sass. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in the early 1980's, and moved away just before my 8th birthday. After growing up and finishing high school near Denver, Colorado, I found myself in Phoenix, Arizona and spent 13 years transforming, in the Sonoran desert, where I began my artistic and spiritual journey. Yet, the never-tired energy of my birthplace couldn't keep me away for too long and since 2015, I have been back home in the Las Vegas valley, living out my life's highest purpose as a visionary. I am creating timeless work, lasting relationships and building on-going collaboration with like-minds. Through our partnerships, manifestations and failures we are changing our country and our world, starting with the rise of Las Vegas as an internationally known creative and spiritual mecca.

Artist statement:
I endeavor…to visually and creatively document the human qualities of integrity, dignity and beauty in the world so as to ignite the memory of our highest selves. My goal is to rediscover internal and external human connection and promote the human consciousness through all forms of art, media; thought and word.  

I believe…that art is a powerful way to lift the veil and reveal the light that is reflected in each creature, connecting us to our center and to the universe, constantly reminding us of our true essence.

I am inspired…when I am reminded that not one of us is deprived of integrity, dignity and beauty and that each one of us is brought to this world, with purpose, a unique and distinct purpose; that every soul is wanted and belongs here, not in the past, not in the future, but now.

Guiding my creative practice is my profound desire for undiscriminating love, which also serves as my challenge - the repeated work to witness and document the flourishing, unifying, transformative process towards our highest potential as a human race.

We will collaborate in making dreams come true!