Alyssa Garofolo
Henderson, NV
(480) 747.4094 

I am Alyssa, wife, yogi and soon to be mommy. I was born in Las Vegas, NV and after a decade or more in each: Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ, I am back in the Las Vegas Valley living out my life's passion as photographer and entrepreneur. My father has shared his love of photography with me since I was a child and during my junior year in high school, I took a photography class shooting with a Minolta SRT101, which prepared my eye for all the beauty I would take in throughout the course of my life. After many attempts at college, I found myself submerged in the art scene of Phoenix, Arizona, where I followed around bands and played muse for local fashion designers. I spent a lot of time in front of the camera where I began to learn the recipes for impactful images, but I also experimented behind the scenes with borrowed cameras for small projects of my own. Fast forward to August 2015 when my father (and original photography mentor) gifted me with my Canon 70D, which is what I am shooting with today. To learn this machine in and out, I began outside; shooting landscapes. My father and I took day trips where we put his truck in 4-wheel drive and kindly asked nature to pose for us. In the late summer of 2016 I spent 40 days alone with my camera, traveling the United States by train. From Los Angeles to Seattle, North Dakota to NYC, Washington D.C. to Charlotte and Nashville, I searched not only my own soul, but the soul of the country. I photographed homeless travelers on the trains, indigenous people protecting their land, skateboarders and grandmothers in the subways, politicians in D.C., mother nature in Charlotte and aspiring musicians in Nashville. I spoke honestly with society and gratefully renewed my faith in humanity. When I returned home beaten up from soul-searching and savage passages, and after a few weeks of rest and decompression, I began shooting again and found that I viewed my subjects in a new light and with a new inspiration. I knew then, that it was never about external beauty and rather about the internal Light that we all share. I discovered my Artistic Statement and what I wanted give the world with my photos; my art had been renewed and I have been shooting with this new set of eyes ever since. 

Artist Statement:
I endeavor…to visually document the human qualities of integrity, dignity and beauty in the world so as to ignite the memory of our true selves. My goal is to rediscover internal and external human connection and promote the human condition through the art of photography.  

I believe…that art is a powerful way to lift the veil and reveal the Light that is reflected in each creature, connecting us to our center and to the universe, constantly reminding us of our true essence.

I am inspired…when I am reminded that not one of us is deprived of integrity, dignity and beauty and that each one of us is brought to this world, with purpose, a unique and distinct purpose; that every soul is wanted and belongs here, not in the past, not in the future, but now.

Guiding my creative practice is my profound desire for undiscriminating love, which also serves as my challenge - the repeated work to witness and document the flourishing, unifying, transformative process towards our highest potential as a human race.

If you are inspired by my images, book me for your next shoot. We will collaborate in making your photographic dreams come true!