Standing Rock, LV

A prayer vigil was held tonight for #NoDAPL in my home town. We stood and prayed in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock. There was music, fellowship and a very familiar feeling. It was the same feeling of beautiful humanity that I felt while I was in North Dakota at Standing Rock in September. Since I have returned from my train travels and specifically from North Dakota, I have followed all that has been going on at the camps there and with the evil black snake, better known as DAPL, and my heart has continued to bleed. I have considered going back to lend support, supplies and an eye to report back to the masses as to what has still been taking place, but since I am unable to return at the moment I will do what I can from here to lift them up. The most important thing we can do from a distance to support mother earth, the Sioux of Standing Rock and to protect future generations is to pray. Pray for rain. Pray for the DAPL workers, that they may see that what they are doing is wrong and killing the earth. Pray for the strength of the people. And most importantly thank our Creator for all that we have...from the food we eat and the clean water we are able to drink. So,  thanks to the local Paiute tribe, we were gathered together tonight in love and prayer. What I saw and heard took me back to my days in North Dakota. It was peaceful, prayerful and downright comfortable. I am so grateful to have been able to gather with others in support and solidarity for Standing Rock. Please enjoy the images below and know that you too can support Standing Rock in your own local community, if you are unable to go and stand with them in person.