editors note: The first part of this post was written while I was en route to Nashville in a moment of intuition that has still not fully come to fruition. Tennessee was indeed the end of my trip for reasons I cannot even say. It was a beautiful journey that I never expected to come or be part of my life or vision. 
You never know where life is going to take you, until you are there.

From the airplane, the sky to Nashville reminded me of a cross section of the ocean; the thin layer of clouds and atmosphere just above the earth surface. All the way until we sank below the low ceiling. The captain speaks but I can't hear him over the psychedelic tunes transmitting from my headphones. I can feel that we are close to touch down and not because I look at the time. It is my intuition and sensitivity to energy that brings me the notion that we are almost to Nashville. I can feel that green grass and boozy blues blaring over the battery of a city more obsessed with music than NASA is obsessed with space. I can also feel the transfer of energy that awaits me here. This is like no feeling I have had since I have been on this trip. For the first time since I stepped foot on the train in Los Angeles 29 days ago, I woke with anxiety this morning; an unexplainable, invisible horse on my chest. Am I nearing the end of my journey or does it mean that the game is about to change here in Nashville?

Nashville was a place of color, music and signs. Signs, signs...everywhere were signs of the figurative and literal nature. Even before I stepped off the plane in Nashville, I could see the signs of something unexpected about to happen...

While I was in Music City, I enjoyed being up close and personal with the prominent music scene; the exact stuff that makes the city hum. There was a caramel chorus of new and forgotten tunes at every single turn I made. There was my introduction to true BBQ and my renewed love of biscuits.

It couldn't have gotten any better...

Southern whiskey and the beloved Yuengling, America's oldest brewed beer, stained my lips for my days in Tennessee. It was like a dream and to this day I still dream of my days in the South.

I walked where so many have walked and felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be...
...for a few days at least.

My stay in Nashville was cut short and I proceeded to find myself an hour east in Cookeville for about five days. It was liquid oblivion because amid broken hearts and a journey where there was no true destination or itinerary, there was always the love I have for myself. There was a trust in God that never faded. For during my entire journey through 19 states in 40 days, I never once felt scared, alone or unsafe. I felt the reverberation of pure human spirit and looked at everyone with love. Maybe sometimes too much love, but love nonetheless. I saw nothing but beauty and was never once frustrated or angered by a stranger. I will say it again: my faith in the human spirit has been renewed and I am ready to take forward what I learned about myself and others. I will never forget where I have been and what I have done. 

For now: Good Night Nashville! Good Night Las Vegas! Good Night America! May we be blessed yet again to see another day and share in the spirit and the unity of our connectivity to the Source, reminding us that we are all one. I see no defining distinction between race, socioeconomic status, age or sex. I look at you and I will always only see the human spirit...and for that I am forever grateful.