1000 Nations

How do I describe the feeling of arriving at the Sioux Nation camps for the Dakota Area Pipeline opposition? How do I express the beauty in the words of the elders and the call for a prayerful meeting of nations? How do I express the acceptance and hospitality by the Sioux and other tribes who are gathering here where the Cannonball River meets the Missouri River? Hundreds of tribes, thousands strong of all color in support... My words cannot not do justice what I have seen with my eyes and felt with my soul. It keeps happening: my faith in humanity strengthens even further. I am not blind to the fact that humans are beautiful. Please enjoy my images below. For now, it is the best way I can adequately express what I saw yesterday, with the limited time I have today as I am due to get back down at the camp. 

***Please contact me for use of my pictures. I will happily let you borrow or use my images with proper credit. These images are currently not for sale.