New York State of Mind

As I have said before, my faith in humanity is being restored...One city at a time. I have deeply fallen in love with our human race, I think for maybe the first time in my life. Everywhere I go, I feel at home. Every person I speak to, or laugh with, or make smile feels like a friend I have had for years. And a friend that I have had for years has allowed me to stay at her killer Green Point apartment in Brooklyn, New York. My friend and her husband are the epidemous hipsters, complete with vinyl-filled cool apartment, vintage reading material and a cat that can't decide if she loves me or not. I am in heaven. The food on the block is endless in variety and I don't even care if I have gained weight since I have been here because no question, I am going to have the pierogies, the pizza, the hip pub food... If you know me, you know I love food. In my experiences here, I am finding that my biggest love is people, even above food. I have never smiled or laughed so much in my life. Below are a few glimpses of the amazing people I have had the pleasure of getting to know, while I have been out here on the road. I am thanking God for giving me this opportunity to remind me how amazing we humans are.