Letting Go

Letting go is often a challenging task. We build "habits", "hang-ups" and "hurts", in every single one one of our earthly attachments. How then do we make the choice to let go? And ever more complex, how to we go about actually letting go

As I was writing that last line I took a deep cleansing breath. And that was the answer. Breathe. I hear yoga instructors tell us during practice, "Anything is possible through your breath", "If you are having a difficult time in a certain pose, just breath into the places of your body that feel tense" and "Never stop breathing". 

I think a lot more goes into it, as that sounds so simple and too easy to the untrained body. But it is so true, especially in the United States: we simply don't know how to properly breathe. There are many techniques to get accustomed to proper breathing and it takes practice, but the more consciously you breathe, letting go become a lot less challenging. 

We all have something we need to let go of. It could be as insignificant as letting go of the collection of unneeded objects in a junk drawer, or something like a sugar habit. Or it can be as grand scale as letting go of a negative thought that haunts you every day or even letting go of a person or a relationship. If you feel the urge to move, if you feel there is something not quite right, you may consider taking a deep cleaning breath and asking yourself: what do I need to let go of? You could be surprised as to what happens next...