A movement is taking place in my heart and in my head. I am aware that I am one of many who are feeling this "energy" lately. I hit a "critical mass" on the day/night of the Strawberry Full Moon just last week. All of this is a very personal journey, although, as an artist, I feel compelled to share in a way that would fulfill the need to express myself concerning the pain and the hope that come with change. But I also wish to share in a way that would maintain a purpose of anonymity. I will be speaking through my photographs. My images of movement. Each photograph will be accompanied by an anonymous text, exactly as written, that I have recently sent myself or received. There will be a subtle cohesiveness surrounding the undeniable sense of secret, winding through the images and the words.

This shall be my own little rabbit hole... Enjoy!

Far too often we don't see things for what they really are. There is depth and discovery in everything from a thought to a spoken sentence, a hand-written letter to your relationship with the people and animals that you love. There is much more than the initial appearance or thought. I think we get lost in the "appearance of things" without training the brain to seek further. When we train our brains to sense more than what we have been taught... more than we are told is important, we begin to see that the world is as simple and beautiful as we to chose to "see" it as. When the way we perceive the world is altered by acceptance and grace, we find a much more graceful way to walk through the world.