Existential anxiety

"And thanks for all the loving words.
I just got a chance to re-read it in all the chaos this morning. Love you so much!!"

Existential anxiety. That sense of worry and panic that often arises when pondering life's biggest questions: Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? The best thing I have learned to help battle this rattling empathic mind is to wholeheartedly seek peace in each moment. It is not always easy but it certainly is simple.  Not to mention that it is incredibly important for any seeker to instill and deepen the peaceful, forgiving heart that comes along when you properly treat the existential anxiety. Breathing techniques, prayer and meditation take the cake, in my opinion, for fostering a heart of peace and for seeking peace in each moment. It is in those places where you will find true peace and true acceptance. Whether everything happens for a reason or more purely: everything happens (Period.), there is a place that is accessible to anyone who seeks true God (or Source) -defined peace. When amidst the chaos, that comes with managing the human life, there is accessible knowledge of universal truth in this "place". This place is peace. This place is here. This place is now.

It may be best to warn: do not wait until the chaos appears. Seek peace now, even as your life may seem to be the best it has ever been, arm yourself with universal energy and relentless calm. When the rains come, as do the monsoons, and it is in the moment of trial where your peace-strengthened practice will bear its greatest gifts.